Effective May 2, 2015.  All prices are per pound.  These prices will remain unchanged through the end of October 2015, possibly longer.  All meat is frozen, vacuum sealed.  NOTE: These prices are the same we have charged since May 2014. No new increases. If cattle prices, which have now stopped rising, ever settle down, we might be able to "roll back" a bit, but not at this time...

Ground Beef--$6.50  One pound packages, vacuum sealed.

Steaks                       (All steaks are cut 1" thick.) 
Filet--$22                   typically 0.6 pounds per package (2 steaks)              
Ribeyes--$15.50        typically 1 pound per package (2 steaks)
Strips--$13.50            typically 1 pound per package (2 steaks)
Flank--$12                  typically 1 pound (1 steak)
Sirloin--$9                   typically 2 pounds per package (1 steak)

Rump--$7.25             typically 3 pounds
Brisket--$7.25            varies from 2.5 to 4 pounds
Chuck--$6.50             typically 3 pounds
Short Ribs--$5.00      typically 1 to 1.5 pounds (2 pieces)

Stew Meat--$6.50    1 pound package
Tongue--$4.50              varies from 1.5 to 2 pounds
Tail--$4.50                     varies from 2 to 3 pounds
Liver--$5                  1 pound package
Bones--$2.50               varies from 1 to 3 pounds

Located in Johnstown,
about twenty miles
NE of Columbus, Ohio

A Premiere Central Ohio
Grass Fed Beef Farm

Retail Beef Prices

We sell practically all of our beef at the Olde Worthington Farmers Market.  Our outdoor booth (May thru October) is in the NE quadrant of the market, right in front of the US Bank building.  (There is plenty of parking behind US Bank.)

We routinely sell out at market, even of ground beef, so come early if you can.  Or you can e-mail or phone us and ask that we set some meat aside.  Please contact us just one or two days prior to market, so you can be CERTAIN you are coming.  We will shoot you back a confirmation.  And we will hold such special orders for you through the end of market.

We can sell beef here at the farm and we do so on occasion.  Ask us about this possibility, particularly if you are unable to get to market on Saturdays.

We wish we could meet all demand.  We are trying!  Meanwhile, we are focused on being reliable suppliers in the sense that we start each market morning with just about all cuts available, and we sell first-come-first-serve.    

We do not pretend to be nutritional science experts.  That is not, excuse the pun, our field.  However, if grass fed beef is better for us, as many suggest, then all the more better from our point of view.  We're just making sure it is delicious.  There is no reason why it should taste like medicine!  We like the win-win-win of grass feeding beef: better for the ecology, gentler on the animals, and some of the best beef you can find anywhere.  It makes life here on the farm a whole lot nicer too...

At this time we are only retailing beef. We do not sell wholes or half or quarter beeves. If you are looking to do that sort of transaction, we refer you to oeffa.org. You can use their Good Earth Guide, a listing of farms cross-referenced by county and by what the farms produce, to identify grass beef farms near you which do sell beef in bulk (for example rather than taking the trouble of coming to market each week).You can contact us and ask for a guide we wrote some time back, which reviews the jargon, procedures and other details having to do with buying wholes and halves. We will gladly e-mail this guide to you for free. Our main advice? Ask the farmer to be able to come out and see the farm. Not neccesarily to pick out a particular animal, but just to get a general sense of the farm and herd (and the farmer).